What changed concerning the MOT test post the announcement of Brexit?

Going through the Brexit process there have been multiple conversations about the MOT, some even going as far as calling it an outdated test. Most of the cars being manufactured in recent years have been fitted with safety features. It is preventing them from malfunctioning, the way they would in previous years. While the MOT isn’t checking for the new tech and features that vehicles are fixed with, technology in cars has come a long way.

Dealing with these changes, the MOT recently received an upgrade as well. The test statuses of vehicles were renamed to include some new ones and create a proper classification. For all of them so car owners knew beforehand what they meant. The new titles are dangerous, major, minor, advisory, and pass. The first two are used for vehicles with issues that need immediate attention. It could result in the vehicle failing the MOT. ‘Minor’ meant that the car had an issue that needed to be handled immediately. But the car could clear the test since it wasn’t always severe. ‘Advisory’ meant that the issue needed to be solved, but there wasn’t a hurry in getting it done. ‘Pass’ was given to vehicles when there wasn’t anything wrong and would clear the test.

Other than general tests like the engine and exhaust that were checked to make sure they matched requirements, the MOT added a couple of new ones to their list. Some of these include the amount of air in the tires of the vehicle. If the car tire pressure is on the lower side, the owner could be in trouble. Double-checking the brake fluid, the brake pads, and general functioning of the brakes since those are serious and could put people in the car or others on the roads in danger. Initially, there were checks on the lights of the vehicles, which included the brakes and indicators. The MOT also made sure they examined the indicators on the dash so they knew there wasn’t anything wrong with the functioning of the car. The additions to the test also check the reverse lights of the car, while all the newer vehicle models need their daytime running lights active to clear their MOT.

They also mentioned that vehicles that went through the MOT in the UK would need to be reexamined. Post the finalisation of Brexit if they are to be driven in the rest of the EU. Depending on the deal between the UK and the rest of the EU, driver’s licences have to be renewed. If the same people are to drive in the EU. They would need new licences that allow them to drive in both the UK and the EU. The current licences would only be supported in the UK. Other than driving through the EU, people would also need a new type of motor insurance that covers them if they are to meet with an accident otherwise they might have trouble.