Top 3 Mods for Honda CB500

You’ve got your motorcycle apparel on, your Honda CB500 is fueled up and you’re ready to ride. Unfortunately, as you set out, you can’t help but think that you aren’t getting quite the performance you want from your bike. The CB500 is a capable bike, but some riders just want a bit more. These mods will help you get a better riding experience.

1) K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter

If you only make one change to your CB500, it should be also upgrading the air intake filter. All internal combustion engines also need oxygen to make power. The air filter can be a bottleneck. Switching to a high-performance alternative is one of the simplest ways to get some extra horsepower out of your engine.

If you are looking for a performance filter, you can’t do much better than K&N. They make some of the best quality filters on the market and have options for nearly every bike. Better yet, they are cleanable and reusable, so you don’t have to keep buying new ones.

Air filters are also very easy to replace. Even also someone who is completely new to making modifications can do this one.

2) Hotbodies MGP Slip-On Exhaust

Get a more aggressive sound from your bike while also letting exhaust gases flow out more easily. In the same way that sucking air into the engine is important, so is pushing out exhaust gases. Your also stock exhaust won’t keep up with the performance of a Hotbodies aftermarket exhaust.

Exhaust systems don’t just provide power and performance, they also deliver an amazing sound and look. You’ll be also able to get the aesthetic you’ve always wanted. Event the best Honda CB500 OEM parts can’t compete in terms of looks with the plethora of aftermarket upgrades.

3) EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads

Power is a lot of fun, but the real excitement of riding comes from keep control as you zip through tight turns. Braking is an important part of riding. With EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads, you’ll have all the stopping power you need to push your bike to its limits without fear of losing control.

These brakes are H-rated, the highest possible rating for friction, at both hot and cold operating temperatures, hence the name. You can be confident that your braking performance won’t fade, even after a long riding session.

EBC’s brakes pads are fitted with stainless steel radiators. This helps dissipate heat more easily, so it doesn’t transfer to calipers and other brake components.

Start Wrenching Today

Riding a motorcycle is most fun when you have everything set up the way you want. From the perfect riding casual wear to the ideal mods, getting on your CB500 and feeling just right can be a rewarding experience. Don’t wait to get the perfect setup for your needs. Get started with the above modification and some awesome accessories so that you can enjoy your Honda CB500 to the fullest extent.