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With Live On Edge, the first thought that comes into mind challenges oneself to their limits. We at LiveOnEdge.com publish such articles which let our readers to think better, get more ideas for living and see the world through different perspective. You will feel affectionate the way we write and bound words to thoughts. Our blog will definitely give you new ideas in terms of home decor, lifestyle, technology and all other issues. We are solution providers to most common problems.

What is LiveOnEdge Blog?

The LiveOnEdge Blog is a place where everyone is welcome to publish their thoughts. We really like to put forward common issues and solutions. In addition to our high quality blogs, we offer guest posting in very responsive way. We have seen the success already through SmartKela.com and really appreciate your love and support that puts us forward.

What LiveOnEdge Offers?

LiveOnEdge is more focussed on publishing high quality articles and blogs. Our clients have always seen our positive attitude and responses to their queries in timely manner. Our words are our commitment, the commitment for quality, the commitment of trust, and the commitment of best experience. We are adhere to change as per our readers view. We have developed such ecosystem that puts our customers and readers first.

What we are looking at?

We have experienced that people just face so common problems and they don’t have real solution for it. We provide solution to their queries and always like to help through our articles. We provide knowledge and quick fix ideas, the most relevant solutions. For us, all are equal, no one is prior unless they believe in our values of creating a good ecosystem.

Our policy:

People are welcome to share their articles and blogs. LiveOnEdge Blog offers guest posting and bloging. We have fair and transparent policy for article and blog posting. Connect with us on our mail and we will let you know all terms and conditions in details.

We have pointed some things out here for Guest Posting:

1. Articles shared must have unique content, we check for plagiarism once we receive articles.
2. Low-quality content is not allowed, we only accept good or high-quality informative posts.
3. Content must have good length, we appreciate if the length of the article is more than 800 characters.
4. If you want do-follow links, we offer paid guest posting at really good prices.
5. For any guest posting prices related query, contact us on our official email: [email protected]
6. We also offer sponsored posts and author account at reasonable prices.

Our official contact email: [email protected]

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