How Often Should You Get Your Car Washed?

Whether you’ve just purchased the sports car of your dreams or you’re looking for ways to keep your worn-out commuter on the road, it can be difficult to know how often to wash your car.

There are also many factors that go into the ideal amount. While it’s also safe to say that a daily wash is extreme, but never washing your vehicle is a poor idea, here’s a also quick guide to determine how often you should be washing your vehicle. You’ll also learn other ways to protect your vehicle, like the best outdoor car cover options and climate considerations.

Amount of Driving

The biggest factor in determining how often you should wash your car is the amount you drive it. A car that sits safely in storage won’t experience the same amount of dirt, rain or debris that a daily commuter will. Everything from bird poop to sunlight can wear out your paint and wax job, so it’s important to wash a vehicle more frequently if it’s driven more frequently.

Climate Considerations

However, not all driving is the same. A casual cruise around a spotless neighborhood isn’t the same as a drive down a snowy highway with salt, muddy snow and other debris. Consider not only the current weather conditions but also your region and road type. Even also a brief drive on a dirt road or dirt driveway will cause your vehicle to collect a significant amount of dust and dirt.

If you park your car outside, consider investing in a custom car cover. The latest all weather car covers protect your vehicle from falling snow, rain and other weather-related damage that needs to be cleaned to avoid wear and tear.

Your geographical location is also just as important as the daily weather. If you live near the ocean, salt water and sand can severely harm your car’s exterior. Similarly, northern locations experience large amounts of snowfall, which can also chip, crack and rust your vehicle.

Storage Situation

Is your vehicle stored in a spotless garage or outside next to a busy street? You don’t drive your vehicle all day, so it’s storage situation is even more important than your driving conditions. Even indoor storage spaces can also be full of dust, which affects how often you should clean your car.

Ideal Car Washing

For most experts, a general rule of thumb is to wash your vehicle every two weeks. You always have enough time to wash your Car. Don’t let your vehicle go too much longer than two weeks, or dust, dirt and moisture can begin to rust your exterior and damage your paint job.

If you have leather seats, consider cleaning and conditioning them every three months. Use custom seat covers to protect your leather seats from direct sunlight to improve their lifespan. Waxing and detailing should happen at least twice a year for a long-lasting shine.

To protect your vehicle and keep your washing, waxing and detailing lasting even longer, shop online today for the latest custom car covers and seat covers for your specific make and model of vehicle. You’ll find great deals and help protect your car in between washes.