The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking Weed

Vaping is one of the best alternatives to smoking cigarettes. It involves the inhalation of vapor using a pen-like device called a vaping mod or pen. Also known as an electronic cigarette, it uses an e-liquid which is combusted into vapor. Anytime you inhale, the e-liquid or vaping juice is heated to produce steam, which you inhale.

Vaping juice contains several components which may include liquid nicotine among other flavors. Those who love smoking weed cannot use a regular vape pen, however. But there are dry herb atomizers and vaporizers meant for the task. You should buy the best electronic cigarettes and vaping materials to have the best experience using them.

Visit  for the best e-cigarette kits that will guarantee you the best vaping experience possible. There has been a great debate on whether vaping is better than smoking pot. Well, here are some differences between the two you need to know.


The effect felt from using weed is one of the things most people look for before choosing the right method of inhalation. Smoking has more intense effects compared to vaping. This is because it involves direct burning. The heat produced during this process is higher than the one generated during vaping. This excess heat triggers the release of all the elements from this product, including cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You will feel the effects more when smoking compared to vaping.


Vaping pot is considered safer than smoking because of the different things you inhale in the process. There is no open flame and the level of tar produced is usually minimal. Smoke and tar are some of the substances responsible for causing respiratory infections when smoking. If you are looking for a much safer option when using pot, then you should try vaping.

Temperature Control

The other thing you should know is that you have the control of the temperature when using a vaporizer for your dry herb. You can adjust to the level you need to get the best out of using this substance. Smoking means that you are only working with a exact temperature and you cannot adjust it to the level you need.


Smoking does not require any form of maintenance, because once you are done with your stick, it is done. This is different in vaping where your vaporizer and other items needed for this practice should be in the correct condition. Observing proper maintenance practices lowers the chances of your vaporizer getting damaged. You will also get the best results from using a device that is well maintained.


The cost of vaping is higher compared to smoking. You are required to buy different items to use for your vaping experience. Smoking is simply about rolling papers, which are very affordable. The only time you might be forced to spend is when you decide to use glass bongs for a different experience.