Why Eco-friendly Custom Badges Are on the Rise in Advertising

Taking care of the environment is now a major concern for most people. After a lot of damage has been cause to the atmosphere by factories, the government, authorities, and various organizations around the world are focus on creating awareness on how people can take care of the environment in the long run.

As a result of this, the green revolution was born, especially in industrialized countries. Its primary goal is to take care of the environment in all possible ways.

In fashion, we have green custom badges that are put on clothes and other fashion accessories to remind people how to take care of Mother Nature. But entrepreneurs also take advantage of the impact that they have to advertise brands. We will tell you how this is possible.

A Look into Green Custom Badges

You may have come across clothes, shoes, and bags, just to mention a few, that have these green badges with messages like “Keep Environment Clean,” “Go Green,” or any other message. They are typically green so that they make more sense.

Such badges can pass other messages below that about taking care of the environment. If your retail shop or company decides to use this concept for advertisement, the marketing department has to be creative to blend the two well. First of all, they must know which message will have a priority and the impact it will have on the brand name advertisement.

The other main consideration is the positioning of the badge to maintain the fashion aesthetic and be conspicuous to the audience. There must be a precise balance connecting the two.

Materials That Are Use

Fabric materials suit the fashion industry well. When making clothes, this will be the best to use. However, leather is also very popular. It can fit well with custom made shopping bags made by Rocketbadge experts or any other designers out there. They also fit well on casual clothes.

For other things that are not associate with fashion, say houses, wood will do better. It creates an impression of the biggest victim of environmental degradation, which is the vegetation.

Why Green Badges Are Use for Advertisement

There are many reasons why a company would choose to use green badges to promote a product or the overall company. These badges have come at a time when people are concerned with saving the environment. We have even seen kids in schools being concerned. As a result, people will be interest in associating themselves with a brand that cares about Mother Nature. Surprisingly, this has been proven to have a positive marketing result.

Because they are eco-friendly, they make sense. However, your product must compliment your intentions in marketing with green badges for it to make sense. Apart from promoting marketing efforts, green badges are also cost-friendly. It is no wonder why they have become very popular.


Green badges will give your business positive results in marketing. Just like other marketing strategies, consistency and patience are need. So, join many others who have adopted the strategy as one way of advertising their brand.