10 examples of paraphrasing for a smarter, better blog writing

Paraphrasing is a tactic that also helps to write down someone else idea or information into your own words. Doing paraphrasing is just as simple, you also need to follow the original meaning of the content and rewrite it with different word choice. Paraphrasing tool helps to avoid plagiarism and give an attractive impression for better blog writing. By using this technique a person does not need to copy the content as it is and it also helps to come up with creative writing.

Paraphrasing make your writing better

To paraphrase a piece of work it is important to read the original passage that helps to get and understand basic information and meaning that a writer wants to communicate.

After reading the source paragraph just highlight the key points or main idea of that particular passage and write down your own piece without focusing on the original content.

When you end up with your writing then compare it with the original one and fix the similar things, do not forget to cite the source file at the end from where you got that idea. A well-cited article or a piece of writing with different word choice helps to avoid the plagiarism and make your work outstanding. Through paraphrasing, the meaning or the idea remains the same but word choice goes different from the original one.

Things to follow while doing paraphrasing

It sounds easy to rewrite someone’s idea into your own words, but in actual, this is not so easy to do. Paraphrasing is way different from writing your own idea. Because while rewriting a person has to keep the idea unchanged with different word choices. Here is some important consideration that should be followed while doing paraphrasing:

  • Make your starting and ending different from the original source file.
  • Try to use alternative word choices or synonyms to make the passage different.
  • You can use active or passive sentence structure or alternative, for example, change the active voice with passive voice and vice versa.
  • Use elaborate the information and idea with more word choices that help to keep the meaning same but a way different from the original one. 
  • Change word forms as well while doing a paraphrasing, for example, change a verb with a noun or adjective, or a noun with a verb and vice versa.

10 paraphrasing example that makes your blog attractive

 Paraphrasing plays an important role in our day to day conversation as well as in writing. For example, when you are doing to elaborate your conversation with your colleagues to your friend or explaining the recent event or incident to someone, you are paraphrasing.

This tool is just not linked with the academics or the formal writing means whenever you are going to elaborate an original event or conversation into your own words you are basically using the paraphrasing tool.

For the blog writers, it is extremely well-known tactic that can help them to make their blog writing an attractive one for the readers.

Here are some examples that can help to make the blog outstanding:

1.     Use synonyms

Synonyms are also expression or words that have the same meanings, like different words with a similar meaning to elaborate the same concept with the different writing style. Use of synonyms also can make a difference and helps to change the article by delivering the same meaning to the reader.

Most importantly while choosing the synonyms focus on the density and influence of a particular word according to the situation. Use those words that have the same meaning as well as the same level of influence towards the audience.

For example:

Original: people believe that fast food should be banned for youngsters.

Paraphrase: Many people think that fast food should not allow to teenagers.

2.     Modify sentence structure

It is another way to paraphrase your writing while doing this writer has to modify the sentence structure that helps to communicate the original content but with a different structure.

For example:

Active to passive

Active: Doctors calls cancer the most serious threat to society.

Passive: cancer has been called the most serious threat to society.

From Passive to active

Passive Sentences : slaves were treated badly before the proper judicial system.

Active: society treated slaves badly before the proper judicial system.

3.     Alter the verb forms

Change verb forms and sentence structure is another way to do paraphrasing, in this writer can use a verb instead of a noun or maybe a noun in places or verb or adjectives as well. This will help to elaborate and make your delivery precise or different.

For example:

Original: People find watching world cup 2019 interesting.

Paraphrase: Many people have an interest in watching the world cup in 2019.  

In the above example: “interesting” is an adjective that changes with a noun “interest”.

4.     Change paragraph starting

You can make your content different from the original one by changing the staring lines. It provides a huge room to do paraphrasing and helps to deliver particular information in a different dimension so that your reader can understand it well.

For example:

Original: It is important to check the pressure and options of use. Many of the paint sprayers come with variations in pressure adjustment to let you decide the pressure.

Paraphrase: Different paint sprayer companies offering sprayer with different features. Before buying one it is necessary to check the features like pressures and other options to use it. 

5.     Use proper citation

While doing paraphrasing it is necessary to cite the information with its original source. Especially when you are using someone else’s idea that already published in a journal. Through this you can make your blog a plagiarism-free, otherwise, you may be involved in this serious offense and that does not go well.

6.     Use punctuation and inverted commas

This is another way to paraphrase the information, normally people use this way when they have to add the information that comes from a credible source and that need to be added as it is without adding or deleting the content. 

7.     Use small sentence

You can also use this technique to make your writing impressive and attractive, as well as it’s a way to paraphrase the information into your own words. In this people usually, use a number of small sentences to deliver the information that comes up with the long sentence.

For example:

Original: No matter if you are working indoors or outdoors it should be suitable for weight and dimension so you can carry it easily

Paraphrase: They are not so heavy. Less weight makes it easy to carry. You can have one for indoor or outdoor working. 

8.     Change the context

You can change the context of the paragraph while doing paraphrasing; this also change may be with respect to demographics or with the location. Use the specific or generalized context to make your blog more attractive and informative for the audience.  

9.     Use headings

Writing the information in form of small headings gives you more space to compile more information and helps to improve readability as well. 

10. Bullets

You can also use bullets to make your blog more precise and to the point, this is an attractive way to paraphrase and to deliver more information in a well organized and precise way. It will also ensure quality of writing and readability is much more user centered.