Luxury vs. cheap sunglasses, is it really worth it to pay the price?

Sunglasses come in various shapes and sizes and you can also get various range of sunglass in the market. As such the price of the sunglasses varies widely as per the brand that you choose. In the goodr sunglasses company, you will get luxury sunglasses at an affordable price. But no matter whatever brand of sunglass you choose its quality actually depends on its lenses.

Now the biggest question is whether the sunglass of $50 will give you the same protection as that of the sunglass of $500 or not. Actually, there are huge differences between luxury and cheap sunglasses. If you choose the cheap pair of lenses then it may damage your eyes. There are various reasons why you should always go for luxury or good sunglasses.

Differences between luxury and cheap sunglasses:

  1. The luxury sunglasses provide you full protection from ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. The ultraviolet rays are very dangerous for your health and can cause damage to the cornea and retina of your eyes and hence it is very important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. This can be done only by wearing good and luxury sunglass which is never possible with cheap sunglass.
  2. A good and luxury sunglass can also provide you full protection from intense sunlight.
  3. It is mostly seen that the iris naturally gets closed when the eyes are exposed to too much sunlight. When you will wear the sunglass you must make sure that the sunlight gets reflected properly.
  4. When the sunlight does not reflect properly it means that the sunlight will fall directly on your eyes through the sunlight which may cause damage to your retina.
  5. But when you wear good sunglasses it has the ability to block the sunlight which can otherwise enter your eyes as much as 97 percent that is enough to cause the damage.
  6. The luxury sunglass can also provide complete protection from glare.
  7. There are some surfaces for example water which can reflect a huge amount of light. Apart from that, there are some bright spots that can distract or hide objects. Polarisation can remove glare.
  8. A cheap sunglass does not have the ability to protect your eyes from the glare.
  9. Another biggest difference between the cheap and luxury sunglass is that the luxury one can eliminate certain frequencies of light. There are some frequencies of light that can blur your vision whereas some other frequencies can enhance the contrast.
  10. It is very important to choose the right color for sunglasses. If the color of your sunglass is right then it becomes possible for you to work in a better way in a specific situation.

Is buying Expensive sunglasses worthy

Thus from the above analysis, the expensive sunglass is much better than that of the cheap because the expensive sunglasses always features high-quality frame materials. The expensive sunglass not only provides protection but also provide a huge comfort as well as longevity. Sunglasses frame must be checked and examined whether it is of premier quality or of cheap quality. Even the frame of the luxury and costly sunglasses made from the same type of materials as cheap sunglass.

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But when you purchase the sunglasses from the premier brands there are lesser chances of having the cheap frame. The frames of the branded sunglasses usually of thick plastic materials. The frame of the sunglasses use metal or titanium apart from the plastic. However, such kind of sunglasses that is very costly as compared to that sunglass which is made up of cheap plastic. Apart from the frames, you should also look at the shades that your sunglasses. Place an order for moderate price sunglasses that fits your budget and of good quality.

Hence it is seen that luxury sunglasses are always better than that of the cheap ones and as such if possible try to buy the luxury ones.