Stupidest Signs That Give Out Your Affection for a Woman

World’s Stupidest Signs That Give Out Your Affection for a Woman. When you were in school, you probably teased girls in the class, sending snarky notes and having banter with them. Yes, those times are already gone, but your behavior didn’t change that much. Your manifestation of love and Affection for a Woman probably stayed the same, let’s be real.

Men in love do stupid things without realizing they look ridiculous and act childish. But hey, can we blame you? Love is an ethereal feeling, so no wonder you act a little detached from Earth and pulled away from reality.

Here are the weirdest things men do and give out their Affection for a Woman:

Try to be overly masculine

Many men, falling in love with a girl of their dream would want to show her how masculine and heroic they are. But you need to know that masculinity is not the only way to manifest your manliness (and those things have different connotations). “Manly men” often give off douchy vibes, which can ultimately turn the girl off, so be aware of that. Women love when guys have their weak spots. For example, lonely Ukrainian women seeking men think it’s cute when a man’s weakness is his woman. 

You boast about “your number”

“What is your number?” is a typical phrase a senior would ask another senior at school. Yet many guys still think it’s cool to have slept with an army of girls. Why do you need to do that? It’s okay if you talk about it with your male friend, but a girl would never appreciate such honesty. If anything, she will think you are a player, and she’s only the next “number” in your notebook.  Good high school counsellor is vey imperative for students personal growth and their achievement.

You criticize yourself to be praised and reassured

It’s an extremely well-known tactic when a man starts belittling himself in front of a woman to be pitied and complimented. You may think that because of this maternal instinct, a girl would get genuinely attached to you, but it’s a sleazy path. You are just wasting your time. A woman would only be with you because you act pathetic and hopeless. And you don’t want to know one day that a girl started dating you out of pity?

You won’t shut up about yourself

It’s worth noting that word vomit it usually uncontrollable. You start reciting your biography, starting from awkward toddler stories and finishing with the maiden name of your mother. Maybe you are just nervous, maybe you want to fit all of your accolades into the story but in any way, it is not a good look. 

You fake intelligence

Maybe you think that overshadowing other people with intellect is the only way to stand out from the crowd. That’s why you often go overboard, being a grammar Nazi, flashing smart words you’ve found on the Internet without getting the concept of them, using terminology, speaking statistics, diagrams, weird analogies. We all have been near that obnoxious person who thinks they are better than everyone. You can be sure she doesn’t enjoy it even a little bit, waiting to call off the next date and disappearing into thin air. Don’t boast with fake knowledge because you are walking on thin ice. Once you get a woman who’s smarter than you, you will look like a fool. 

You try to act hot

All you talk about is friendship, you always try to touch the girl or even boast your perfect skills in bed. It won’t get any woman hot and bothered. If anything, she will think you have real problems in that area if it’s hurting you so badly. 

You are silent

Maybe you’re afraid to say something stupid or spoil the attractive impression of a tough guy, in any case, keeping silence makes it ten times more awkward. You risk not meeting this woman for the second time. If you have been dealing with internal dialogs that happen only in your head, try to say at least something out loud or just confess you are a little nervous. She will find it cute and think you find her special, as well as appreciate your honesty. 

You are jealous

Dating a girl for a week but starting scolding her for having a photo on Instagram with her ex? Maybe you should be a little timider and less crazy since you’re not even committed to each other yet. Nobody owes you anything if you didn’t even start a relationship yet.