How to Give Your Home a Luxury Ranch-Style Makeover

Ranch-style homes first became popular in the mid-twentieth century and have undergone another surge in popularity in recent years. The homes, with their low-pitch rooflines, overhanging eaves, and large windows were particularly popular in the U.S state. While ranch homes were typically modest in size and appearance, ultra-luxury ranch homes have become a red-hot trend. In many instances, homebuyers will opt for newly-built, upmarket homes that boast all the latest luxury features imaginable. Although purchasing a brand new house is a dream-come-true for many, you can also transform your existing home with a stylish ranch-home makeover.

Create a luxury outdoor space

Modern-day ranch homes have a reputation for effortlessly merging indoor and outdoor living. According to the team behind Benloch Ranch Utah, fluid outdoor living spaces that make it possible to take in the incredible views surrounding you can be of great benefit to the body and soul. Although a complete home remodel will allow you to create an opulent outdoor living area. There are other, less drastic, methods worth experimenting with as well. The most important component of such an area is the furnishings. Opt for chaise lounges, benches, chairs, and tables that are both comfortable and elegant.

Give purpose to the space

If the space doubles as an outdoor kitchen.Opt for high-end appliances that are both practical and have an aesthetic appeal. If you prefer to prepare your meals in your striking ranch-style kitchen. You may want to add a luxury bar to your outdoor entertaining space.

Splurge on a kitchen revamp

The kitchen is without any doubt the heart of a ranch home. It is therefore not surprising that that full kitchen revamps continue to increase in popularity. Most kitchens can, with a bit of effort, be transformed into a luxury ranch-style food prep and eating area. If your kitchen is particularly cramped. It may be a good idea to have a wall or two knocked out to create a larger, open-plan area.

Choose your finishes and appliances with care

Once you have the layout of your kitchen finalized. You can start considering the finishes and appliances you want to have installed. Although wood remains the finish of choice in traditional range kitchens. It can be effortlessly combined with granite, glass, copper, and stainless steel for an updated, lavish feel. Do some research before splurging on new appliances. It is easy to become overwhelmed when faced with a plethora of choices. Modular stovetops are extremely popular at the moment as are range hoods that don’t sport the traditional industrial look. Microwave drawers, state-of-the-art country-style blenders, coffee makers, and toasters, and attractive backsplashes All can help you create a beautiful and practical ranch kitchen of your own.

Indulge in rich living areas

While your kitchen and outdoor spaces may be the stars of the show you don’t want to neglect your living room and lounge area.   If you are fortunate to live in a home with open-beam ceilings and panoramic windows you are already half-way to creating a breath-taking, deluxe living area.  Depending on the layout of your home you may find yourself either having to redecorate two separate rooms or a larger, open-plan living area. If your home is not quite as roomy and bright as you would like it to be, you can consider enlarging your windows, fitting oversized glass sliding doors, or even installing a skylight that will allow natural light to flood into your home.

There are ample design approaches to consider

While the words ‘ranch home’ may conjure up images of rooms brimming with animal hides, chunky wooden furniture, and a collection of Wild West-themed relics, modern-day upmarket ranch-style homes are considerably classier.  There are, in fact, a number of rich and modern ranch design styles to consider when redecorating.  If you gravitate towards a more traditional ranch home feel you may find a large stone fireplace, natural wood finishes, and comfortable furniture appealing. To add opulence to a traditional ranch home opt for plush rugs and throws, quality sofas, ottomans, and tables, and one or two showy decorative elements.  For a modern ranch look, stick to neutral colors, lush fabrics, sleek furniture designs, and a bit of dazzle in the form of framed mirrors, carefully-selected artwork, and trendy lighting.

Luxury ranch homes promise to continue to increase in popularity again this year. If you have always had your heart set on lavish ranch living, now is as good a time as any to start planning your grand home revamp.