Kitchen Remodel Tips to Know Now

When it comes to a kitchen remodel project, the option is endless. Indeed, kitchen remodeling is the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. If done properly, a kitchen renovation will make the space-efficient and attractive. This can also help increase the resale price of your home. 

However, kitchen overhauling is a tough job. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Even professionals can miss critical details. Indeed, mistakes are inevitable. You can keep them to a minimum if you know the Kitchen Remodel Tips provided below: 

Do Not Overspend 

Before planning the project, make sure to consider the market first. Decide whether you can afford a low, medium, or high-end kitchen remodel. Determine if it will make more sense in your home. The price range can run from $2,000 to $50,000 or more for kitchen renovations Melbourne. 

If you wish to renovate your kitchen completely, be ready to pay about 10 to 15% of your home’s current value. This value will ensure that your project will stay in line with your home’s worth. 


Spend more time in planning than in the actual construction. If you plan well, problems during construction can be minimized. Planning will also help you ensure that you stay within your budget. 

Professionals provide that you must spend planning for at least six months. With this, you won’t be tempted to change your mind in the middle of the construction. There will be no temptations to change orders, which will affect your construction costs. 

Think About Function 

In designing your kitchen, you have to consider first its efficiency. Determine how you use the space. Some of us think that more is more. As such, people commit the mistake of making the distance between the countertop and the island broader. However, this is not efficient. With this kind of thinking, it will make cooking and cleaning difficult. Yes, you want to make your kitchen airy, open, and inviting. However, you don’t want to walk 15 feet from your range to your fridge. 

The best way to set it up is through a working triangle. The arrangement between the fridge, sink, and range must form an equilateral triangle. When you are cooking, these are the three points that you visit often. As such, it is best if they are equidistant to each other. Check out kitchen renovations Melbourne for your kitchen design needs. 

Get Professional Help 

A professional designer knows the tricks that you don’t know. However, you must ask how they charge. Sometimes, the bill for the design and markup on everything that you buy. Know if you can order things on your own to help you save money. 

Ask for design help in unlikely parts of your kitchen. Give leeway for surprises. Sometimes, the wiring or plumbing might lurk in the walls behind the old cabinets. 

Design Choices must be Upfront 

When you are frustrated, design choices can sometimes result in a costly and bad one. For example, you might not give much thought on your shelves. Sometimes, you will just agree to whatever that will work only to find out that the price is costly. With this, you must stick to your design choices up front, and don’t let your contractor choose anything for you.