How to get that minimalist style in your home

Firstly, What Is A Minimalist Style? 

Minimalist Home

Well, minimalism is classically defined as living with fewer items, specifically only things that support your purpose. However, this can be adjusted when referencing interior design. A minimalist style for your home decor is similar to a modern interior with the use of neutral and white colours with the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. This applies to everything within your home, and really highlights the importance of being mindful and meaningful when accessorising your space. For example, you could have beautiful art but if you’re using frames that don’t tie together the room, you’ll be compensating with more decorations which would not be minimalist. Styles such as oak photo frames or lightly coloured frames are perfect for a minimalist home.  

How Can I Achieve A Minimalist Home? 

minimalism home ideas

Minimalism can be different to everyone, you may just want a home free of unnecessary items, or you may be looking for a specific style of decor. We’ve got a few tips below that cater to whatever you’re looking to achieve within your space. 

Don’t Involve Needless Items

needless items

This isn’t related to clearing out everything you own. It’s about stripping your decor back to the bare essentials that you need to form your space. What’s important to you? Is it being able to relax? Seeing clean lines throughout your space? Or simply being organised and clean? Take a moment to really think about this when you’re looking to create a minimalist style in your home. This will look different in every room throughout your home; your kitchen and your living room will require different things. You can begin your minimalist journey by noting down the essential furniture you need and building it up from there. Finding pieces that have multiple functions can be useful, for example, Ottomans. Ottomans have excellent storage space but can also be used as seating or in a decorative manner. Smart kitchen appliances help to manage the kitchen space as well.

Realise That Every Detail Counts 

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When you’re forming a minimalist style throughout your home, you’re looking to be mindful and meaningful when putting items in your rooms. This means that every accessory counts and plays a part in building the atmosphere and ambience in your home. You must really think about how you’ll use each item, if it’s exactly what you’re looking for and whether it adds anything to your space. By ensuring you go through this thought process, you’ll end up with accessories that you love, cherish and creates the perfect environment for you. By thinking deeply about aspects such as framing, wall art and lamps, you’ll be completely personalising your space.

What Colours Should You Use? 

minimal home colors

This depends on your own personal style. You can achieve a minimalist style throughout your accessories and choose to have bold and bright wallpaper. Your space is yours alone and should be decorated exactly how you like it. However, if you want to achieve the classic minimalist aesthetic, you’re looking at using light and neutral colours with just a splash of bright colours. The shades we suggest using are variations of white and off-white, along with neutral tones such as beige, grey or muted greens. Minimalism tends to use fewer bold colours as it doesn’t align with the clean aesthetic. 

Clear Out Clutter

clear clutter

This tip is more concerned with the classic definition of minimalism. In order to get the ideal minimalist style, there should be no unnecessary items or clutter. In a minimalist house, there is no room to hide any ‘stuff’. There are many blogs and articles to help you clear your space. Following the rule of ‘one in, one out’ is generally a good way of keeping your items minimal. Consider what you actually need and use, and try to donate or recycle anything that doesn’t serve a purpose to you. 

Overall, you can do complete home remodel as how you like it! To get that minimalist style in your home, follow the tips we’ve given you above and get going on your clear-out. You can also just take parts of minimalism that you’d like to have in your home, for example keeping your accessories and items but using neutral colours. Happy decorating.