How to Choose the Best Tactical Watch – Must-Have Features

Tactical Watch is specially design to withstand extreme conditions. Military personnel prefers tactical watches, people involved in covert and risky operations and hard-core sports enthusiasts. When you are under conditions that require you to have a tool that can ensure your survival, a tactical watch is the best choice.

What to look for in a tactical watch

There are a lot of tactical watches on the market presently, with a wide variety of useful features. Although, most of these features are beneficial, there are some key qualities that a watch has to possess before it can qualify as a tactical watch. These qualities include:

Toughness and durability

A good tactical watch should be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without any damage. You don’t want a watch that will stop working and therefore, become useless while you are high in the mountains or involved in combat. You need a watch that is resistant to shock and scratches, especially on the surface. It is advisable to go for a watch that has a sapphire lens, which is a very durable material.

Waterproof and pressure resistant

An excellent tactical watch should be able to withstand pressure at a minimum of 100 meters of water. It should also be water resistant and be able to function while it is wet. Even if you are not going to be dealing with water at great depths, you don’t want a watch that can be damaged by rain or small bodies of water. The watch should also be able to withstand a great deal of weight and not get easily damaged when it is stepped on.

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This feature will help to track your location and let you know your coordinates at all times. This is an essential feature that will keep you from getting lost and also help you to tell which direction you need to go. GPS is essential feature if you like to travel & spend more time traveling around.

Built-in compass

Though a GPS is an important quality in a watch, a built-in compass can work perfectly in helping to locate the direction you need to go. When you need to head in a particular direction without deviating, a compass is a necessary tool you need to have. Even under normal circumstances, it is not impractical to have a watch with this feature in your possession at all times.

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Battery life

Most tactical watches usually have a battery life of more than one year, regardless of the frequency of use. It is advisable to go for watches that have the longest battery life so as to avoid been stranded when you need their features the most. Though, watches with extra features like the GPS tend to last less than a year, they are still perfectly safe choices.


There is no way to tell the kind of conditions that you will get involved in. This is why you need a watch that can be useful to you during the day and at night. A tactical watch should have a backlight that is bright enough for you to see the time clearly. However, it shouldn’t be so bright that your location will be given away due to its reflection.

Apart from the qualities listed above, most tactical watches have other features like anti-reflective coating, two or more time zones and a barometer. The best tactical watch is the one that has all the features that you are need of. This is why you need to conduct adequate research before you spend a substantial amount of money on a tactical watch.