Fingerprint Jewelry- Latest gifting trend

A fingerprint Jewelry can be any jewellery having a customized touch as you can customize your fingerprints on the jewellery’s surface. Nowadays, fingerprints ornaments are ruling the market, especially for gifting purposes, as it adds a personal touch to the gift or the piece of jewel. It is running in trend from generation to generation and still ruling to no small extent. This shows a symbol of memory with your close one, your friends, family, love of life, which gives you the vibe of their presence with you all the time.

The cremation mementoes are shown in the memory of those loved ones who are not alive now, but these fingerprint jewel pieces are not meant only for keeping as a symbol of remembrance of dead ones. On the contrary, fingerprints jewellery is becoming a popular choice for non-death occasions like anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, etc. It is ruling for gifting purposes. 

These customize gold fingerprint jewelry pieces reflect your love, care, and attention to your loved ones. 

People are opting for jewellery pieces like:-

  • Fingerprint engagement rings,
  • The Fingerprint pendants to dedicate the birth of a new baby,
  • Fingerprint chain or necklace for particular purposes,
  • Footprint necklace on the birth of a new baby,
  • Fingerprint wedding bands for a milestone anniversary,
  • Thumbprints brooches for males, etc 

How does fingerprint jewellery work?

Each jewellery piece has a personal touch; every item is customized. It begins with seizing the fingerprints first. There are many ways to get the fingerprints but using the fingerprint kits is the best and error-free method to obtain the fingerprints. You can capture different is in the form of fingerprints like:-

  • Fingerprint,
  • Thumbprint,
  • Baby’s hand,
  • Baby’s footprint,
  • Couple’s footprint,
  • Couple’s palmprint,
  • Animal’s paw print.

Reasons for gifting fingerprint jewellery

There are various reasons behind gifting such customize jewellery.

●     It expresses your sincerity and thoughtfulness.

When you decide to gift someone customized jewellery, it shows the sincerity and thoughtfulness of that person. After determining the jewelry as a gift, you have to decide on the design and the style that suits the person who will receive the gift. It is a must that the gift you want matches the need as well as your thought. 

●     It’s a one-of-a-kind gift

It is a unique gift that earns appreciation instantly just after the receiver gets the present. As it is a one-of-a-kind gift, one can ever receive only when they are remarkable for someone who is gifting. 

●     The gift is memorable.

Many moments of life are unique, and it is always blissful to get something that makes that moment even more special. Getting fingerprint jewellery from loved ones satisfy as a source to capture the memories. A remarkable and eternal gift will be a binding thing that puts more emotions into a specific event.

●     Strengthens your bond with the person

It just strengthens the bond, the relationship between the receiver of the gift and the one who gifted. This special symbol of their love keeps them connected and attached.