Top 3 Email Marketing Trends in 2022

Each year, emails are deemed obsolete in the marketing world, and before the end of the year, people are talking about new email marketing trends that will dominate the next year. Email marketing works best when you have a well-thought-out strategy that doesn’t feel haphazard. Knowing what to expect in the next months and how customer preferences will shift provides firms with a significant advantage over their competitors.

If you’re wondering whether the tried-and-true bulk email marketing method will survive in the coming years, the answer is a resounding YES. Since the first email was sent in 1971, many marketers have questioned whether an email could withstand the rigours of modern marketing. 

Several types of digital marketing, such as mobile marketing and social media marketing, have emerged in the recent few years. So, to keep up with the trend, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 email marketing trends to follow in 2022.

Creating Hyper-Personalized Emails

Personalized emails are no longer in use. Only hyper-personalized emails will generate conversions in 2022. Depending on the level of personalisation supplied, 71% of subscribers will determine whether or not to engage with an email. As a result, you should avoid using your prospect’s first name in the subject lines.

Data from many client touchpoints are used in hyper-personalized emails to provide highly personalized experiences. Sending emails with product recommendations based on previous purchases, monthly/yearly usage data, and customized offers based on behavior are just a few examples.

Spotify Wrapped is the best example. Every year, the audio streaming service emphasizes each user’s listening habits and distributes them across numerous platforms. 

Making email Designs Engaging

The overall success of your campaign is determined by the design of your email. Let’s be clear: poor email design equals poor conversions. In the year 2022, your emails must resemble mini-websites, or they will be lost in the vast inbox clutter of your subscribers. While there are numerous email design trends this year, the most essential is what works best for your consumers. What’s our recommendation? Try out a few different designs to discover what works best, and then stay with it.

The design of an email can be simple and effective by ensuring a cohesive color palette, concise and impactful copy, interactive professional graphic designers, and a manageable size. Hiring professional graphic designers who specialize in email design can help achieve these goals and produce a polished and professional end result.

Including user-generated content 

Customers in 2022 are intelligent individuals. They can immediately recognise when a company is making an exaggerated claim. Including user-generated material in emails is the best approach to sell your message and persuade your readers to take action. It is, as the name implies, any sort of user-generated content that is shared by brands. Social media posts, reviews, case studies, polls, blog articles, and webinars are all examples of user-generated content.

83% of people trust reviews more than advertising, you should jump on this 2022 email marketing bandwagon. 

In 2022, email marketing trends will focus on generating meaningful customer experiences through a well-thought-out marketing plan. People will love and support a consistent brand value delivered across many platforms. Simultaneously, you’ll see new ways to employ AI and chatbots to improve lead generation and customer service methods. Mtalkz boasts of the best bulk email marketing service that is known for high throughput and scalability for customers who want to dispatch high volume traffic.